Monday, August 3, 2015

This is a huge thing!!

So this week has been wondrous. We are working with V____ and R_____. They are both preparing to be baptized on August 15th. They are continuing to read and pray. They are attending church and it is so great to see them progress. I have started to get nervous because it is coming up so soon!  This is a huge thing - to commit to baptism, to follow Christ, to do a 180, to change everything in your life around. They really are trying. It will be very different for them but I know they will be blessed and will see the blessings, as they are merely beginning to see. They will be surrounded by those that love them. They are in all our prayers.
Cool Plates from Mexico
I love the branch it is great. We are seeing excitement beginning to pick up. The youth are great. As are the leaders. This Sabbath day was especially wonderful. I felt so great after church. It is wonderful to see what great things the Lord does to bring about His purposes. We may not know why at the moment but we will one day at some point. I am grateful for all we have been given. Journaling down details is such a blessing. As I have been more constant with it I am seeing abundant blessings. I love this work.
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