Monday, April 27, 2015

The Temple is the House of God


Que ha pasado??? 
Ya comenzamos los recorridos de el templo. es tan lindo! Me he tomado fotos y se los he mandado a usted y monica, pero despues aquel dia me lo envie y no me llego...
Entonces todavia estoy esperando.
Pero fijese que???????????
esta semana pasada que era la semana de VIP llegaron bastantes autoridades generales!
Conoci a las siguientes personas :)

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

ella es la Presidenta de las Mujeres Jovenes, fue muy linda ella trajo a su nieto que es jugador en el equipo de basketball de la escuela de BYU, y a todo el equipo. La abrasamos y nos platico por un minuto. es muy linda

Elder Michael John U. Teh

​de los setenta. El es tan... tan... ni puedo describirlo. Lo unico que puedo decir es que el es mi hermano el es de las filipinas. Fijese que con la mayoria
tambien el dia siguiente tuve la oportunidad de conocer a la hermana:

Sister Jean A. Stevens

Ella es tan linda!!!!!!! la quiero. le dijimos hola, y ella dijo "Thank you for coming to say Hello!" es tan linda. nos abraso. ella acaba de ser relevada de su llamamiento en el presidencia general de la Primaria

VI AL APOSTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero no pude conocerlo. se miraba como que se estava escondiendo de personas porque lo llevaron a la oficinas de el Presidente de Estaca. PERO VI A SU ESPALDA y el lado de su CARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vi a

Elder David S. Baxter

Tambien vi a mi otro hermano. No se si recordo de mi. Pero me acuerdo hace unos 2 año o u año que el fue a nuestra estaca. Lo quiero tanto. Le dije hola de la distancia y el tambien dijo hola y sonrio
Papi yo se que esta es la obra de el Señor!

Yo amo el templo. Es la casa de el Señor, donde el mora. El primer dia que entre a el templo de Payson, FUAH! era bello. Al entrar a la area de espera se senti una gran reverencia para el Señor. Una paz/gozo imensa(o) vino sobre mi y y dentro de mi. Mientras que caminabamos por los cuartos senti el amor de Dios. Comense a llorar. Tuvimos la oportunidad de pasar el recorrido (tour) con el Elder Kent F. Richards, de el quorum de los Setenta
y el nos hablo de el templo en una manera tan bella que nunca lo olvidare. los sentamos en el cuartos. El Espiritu estaba tan fuerte que no se puede explicar. Tomamos asientos en el cuarto Celestial y no me queria ir.
(vaya a este sitio para ver las fotos de el templo: )
El templo es la casa de el Señor.

Yo se que mientras que yo haga su voluntad y me mantenga digna que podre recibir la paz, entendimiento, y guia que se recibe en el templo. Yo se que nos vamos a sellar en el templo pero cada uno de nosotros debemos de trabajar juntos! Yo me voy a casar en el templo un dia a un hombre que sea digno, tenga el sacerdocio y ame a Nuestro Padre Celestial. Continue a prepararse para ir al templo.

​Todomundo que vaya a la casa de el Señor sentira su espiritu​


Hermana Mena

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gratitude, Awe, Joy and Peace

This week has been wonderful. The Temple Open House is truly a blessing. I keep on thinking of how blessed we are. Those in this area have an opportunity to the temple see it and feel it. As we walked into the Payson Temple yesterday a peace set in and there was a reverence in the waiting area. As we walked in a warmth swept over me and went through me. I felt overwhelmed with the emotions I felt. Gratitude, Awe, Joy, Peace, I felt God's love enfold me. When Elder Richards said Jesus Christ walks here, I felt the whole building was even more holy and more sacred. I love the Temple. I never want to lose track of the truths learned therein. We are God's children. He loves us. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can return to his presence again. Families can be together forever.

We are so excited to be a part of this whole Open House. A______ who is a less active is super excited she got 15 tickets for her family her aunt and her cousins. She was so excited. Everyone we are teaching are super motivated and cannot wait to go. We are working to get everyone tickets. Speaking of excitement and tickets. S_______  is awesome he is from India is​ very excited to go with his family and friends. I know sometime in his life he will join the church. I feel it.

I cannot wait for the rest of this week.

I will work on doing study everyday this week. I for what seems like 3-4 weeks was not feeling all there. I lost motivation to do things and felt somewhat discouraged and stuff. This past week I motivated myself to do better. I will try my best to stay on top of things. but what I love about Exchanges - they help me. I see what I need to work on and it motivates me to become better. The Atonement of Christ motivates me to do better and give it what I have.

We did not do weekly planning this week because Hermana F______ was not feeling so well. Each time I ask when we will she gets a bit upset with me. I know she is not feeling so well but when she is we have to get it done.

Hermana Mena

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Listening and Line upon Line

Many people were not home this week , but what I love about that is that you knock on a door... there is no answer, okay on to the next one... no answer. Okay, we come to question who is next... and I just love it because that is like Heavenly Father's way of saying I do not want you here  - go to this specific person. That happened this week with P____. We were driving to someone else's home we saw that P____ was home. We knocked at the door and there she was. We had the lesson on Christ's atonement and we showed the Because He Lives video. She always just pours out her feelings on the topic and bears testimony of it. She is wonderful. Prayer is so important in following the Holy Ghost.

This week I was reading a lot in How to Improve My Teaching Skills: Use the scriptures, Teaching for Understanding and Ask Questions. I learned that it is essential to explain what we are teaching simply, clearly and in a way that it is easy to be understood. As we help others understand it will have a great influence on how much they treasure what they learn and how they will go about living what we have taught, of course they do still have agency but as they feel the Holy Ghost testify of the truths they will seek to do. The scriptures are the best way to further explain the topic. They speak simply and can be understood. As we elaborate on the big and the small they come to understand it so much more.

A____ is one of the investigators we are focusing on at the moment, which is an example of this. He is progressing and coming to understand what we teach so well. We teach line upon line, here a little and there a little according to their understanding. Christ is our greatest example. As I have come to study his teachings more and the parables he used I see how important it is to speak plainly, and as we do so and expound on their needs the Holy Ghost will bear testimony in their hearts.

This week I got to meet the H_______ Family, well two families with the last name H________. It was the first time I saw them at church. They are very friendly and kind. We hope to come to be more acquainted with the members and see if they can come with us to more appointments. They are the umph needed during a lesson. With the fellowshipping workshop there was the week before conference I think more and more members are being geared up. I also got to meet the S_____ family from Venezuela, which we will have dinner with pretty soon. And I got to speak to R_______ a little, who is a recent convert. Although he was a little hesitant to speak to us he spoke back to the questions we asked.

11 more days till the Payson Temple Open house! Which means lots of planning :) We are starting to set up appointments with those in our area to go to the temple with them. Pretty exciting!

Goals for this week: Focus on Charity and Love attributes
-Pray for charity
-Pray for opportunities to serve
-Have a better spirit in serving
-Look for the good in everyone
-Uplift others when they are feeling down.

I am so grateful for the temple and for the blessing we have of being able to perform the ordinances needed to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and to do that very work for those who have not had a chance to do so. I am thankful for the stars here. I had stopped looking up at the sky for a while when we return home. But every time I look up I am reminded of the beauty of this earth and what our Father has given us. As we look up we are able to see His glory and give thanks for the smaller things. Blessed be His name and glory be unto Him.

Daily Message"Families are the Lord’s workshop on earth to help us learn and live the gospel. We come into our families with a sacred duty to help strengthen each other spiritually."
—Cheryl A. Esplin, "Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth"
Hermana Mena

Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference!!

Hey! How was conference weekend for you all? General Conference was amazing!!! Hearing the prophets speak is the greatest thing ever.  I know the prophet is called of God and is the Lord's mouthpiece on earth today. Such wonderful messages were shared so many inspiring talks.I loved all of them. Every one of them. I sense an urgency more than ever to read the Scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. That Book will draw us nearer to God than any book here on earth. We must be diligently reading from its pages and meditating on its words. Most of the conference talks mentioned the importance of reading the scriptures on a daily basis. Please take a moment to watch general conference if you have not done so already. Watch all sessions and ponder the words which have been spoken.