Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Mt. Timpanogos
This week has been pretty great. I have had a lot of time for introspection this week.
I want to become better and to learn to rely more fully on the atonement of Jesus Christ.
I loved the General Women's session of conference.
We are currently teaching an investigator whose name is F. He is golden.
This week we went to visit I. at work she was really happy to see us and she let us know what days we can come over to see her. We also went over to the J. boys. We walked to church with them. We got to give a talk in Bishop M's Ward. This Sunday was wonderful.

We made a Sabbath day "cans" can for the B family. They are working to getting to the temple.

We had the mission tour zone conference and learned so much about the Book of Mormon. It is truly a treasure. The Book of Mormon is central to a lasting conversion. It helps us develop a deeper testimony of the Savior it guides us and helps us receive personal revelation. 

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is another testament of Jesus Christ of his divinity, his life, and his mission here on earth. As you read the Book of Mormon you come to feel the reality of the gospel of our purpose on earth. 
I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon, use study guides to help you. If you are already doing so then find someone to read with a family member, a friend, anyone. You will feel the Holy Ghost and they also will do so. 
I love you all and have you in my thoughts. 

Daily Message:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

You Are Loved!

-hear with your ears
-see with your eyes
-feel through your soul
-love with all your heart
+ look to the Savior= great joy and peace

We moved this past week. And finally have things in place. 
This week I have learned much about deepening my relationship with my Heavenly Father. During my nightly prayers I am writing down impressions I receive and acting. 
We are having to memorize The Living Christ document

The Lord's example is one great to follow. I am grateful for his sacrifice, to put down his life to take it up again. 

This week we had a regional stake conference. 
Bishop Dean Davies, Sister Linda K. Burton, Elder Hallstrom and Elder M. Russell Ballard. 
They spoke of 
-Reading the Book of Mormon
-Include the pattern of prayer

Linda K. Burton
Asked the question: What did you do with the last gift you received?

Donald Hallstrom:
Spoke of the great sacrifices people make to join the church to come every Sunday for 3 hrs when maybe before they didn't, having to pay 10% of income for tithing when struggling to make ends meet, when they have cared for themselves all their life they are expected to serve in callings to give of their time, to teach other to give of themselves. (I had not ever thought about that) but they do all these things because they believe they have felt something they feel the confirming influence of the reality of these things. 
Missionary work, temple work, member missionary work, retention, activation, family history work, teaching the gospel is all the Lords work it is not one against the other "the Lords work is one eternal round"

I want you all to know you are loved. You are great, never let others tell you otherwise. 
I testify that the Book of Mormon changes lives. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray to your Father in Heaven. I know that as we keep the Sabbath day Holy by keeping it the Day of the Lord you will find a greater joy therein. 

I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father. 

Daily Message:
Listen to the song named Glorious :) it's great.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I can feel their love.

President Killpack and Sister Killpack are wonderful. I love them. They care so much about us. And I can feel their love.
I can feel it as they speak to us. It is as though love pours out of their eyes. I feel So close to Heavenly Father. Yesterday was beautiful. I love the Sabbath and fasting tops it off. It is the cherry on top.

We are staying another transfer together. We knew it was coming. I love this area, my companion and feel this transfer will be so great.

At the beginning of my mission I felt it got hard. It does get hard there is no denying that. The mission does have its ups and downs. You see great joy but you do also come to feel sorrow. What Sister M. and I were thinking about the other day was that we truly are set apart. 
Set apart from the evil, we have been set apart as His servants. We are protected by Him because we are set apart to proclaim his word and to do what we do. We want the Salvation of all of Heavenly Father's children and it pains to see how some do come to know that this is the Truth and set it aside and choose to do what they know they should not do.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Diligence and Obedience

These past few weeks have been a little crazy. So do excuse me for not e-mailing/writing

To explain, we had to move one p-Day with like only 24 hrs notice :) and we had appointments that Sunday and had to pack and move all of P-Day.

Last week we had to go to the nurse and had a meeting with President Killpack which was so wonderful. Then we had to drive out of our mission to go to the Doctor and drive back and Bam most of our pday was gone.

And this last week we had an appointment again :)  but we got to go to President Killpack's home we had lunch and got a tour of the mission home and got to do some activities.

This past month has been a great one. I have been able to reflect on my true purpose as a missionary. Why am I here? Because the Lord has sent me to declare His word unto the people here. During the course of this past month I have come to reflect greatly on the missionary training center, when I was preparing to come out, when I got my mission call and all the decisions and preparations I made the decision to serve the Lord during this time on my mission. I have been out for seven months already. It seems like just last week I was having a moment where I may have freaked out when I realized it had been six months.

A word that has come to mean so much more to me has been obedience.

Through obedience we show Heavenly Father we love him. It is a reflection of our commitment to always follow him. In one of our DTMs (District Training Meetings- where a few missionary companionships receive training led by the district meeting) we were learning more about diligence. Diligence can mean - hard work, close attention, careful and persistent work or effort. Historically it also means a "public stagecoach" from the French "carrosse de diligence"

Putting the two into context: in order for the coach of speed to continue on speedily on its course, there must be a diligent effort to keep it going. An imagery that came to mind was two hands on the type writer speedily typing. In order to keep up the speed in typing you must first know where the keys are, and practice and practice and practice to type at a set speed. Once you begin off you go and you can type at a set speed. But it takes diligence. You must have your mind set on what you are typing or else you will not be able to type anything. If you are distracted you might click the wrong keys. If you try to type too fast you will also not be able to type it. As a missionary we type. We first must come to listen to Heavenly Father's voice. We must recognize his voice.  As we make a constant effort to keep the spirit. To be on the Lord's errand, we will always have his spirit to be with us.
I know the Lord is there and hears us. He provides us a way. As we are diligent in our obedience we will be blessed. I have come to see miracles as I am obedient. Our obedience must be consistent.

Sorry for not being able to email. I love you all. Next week I will get back to emailing. And we did get permission to email today for a little while.