Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Mt. Timpanogos
This week has been pretty great. I have had a lot of time for introspection this week.
I want to become better and to learn to rely more fully on the atonement of Jesus Christ.
I loved the General Women's session of conference.
We are currently teaching an investigator whose name is F. He is golden.
This week we went to visit I. at work she was really happy to see us and she let us know what days we can come over to see her. We also went over to the J. boys. We walked to church with them. We got to give a talk in Bishop M's Ward. This Sunday was wonderful.

We made a Sabbath day "cans" can for the B family. They are working to getting to the temple.

We had the mission tour zone conference and learned so much about the Book of Mormon. It is truly a treasure. The Book of Mormon is central to a lasting conversion. It helps us develop a deeper testimony of the Savior it guides us and helps us receive personal revelation. 

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is another testament of Jesus Christ of his divinity, his life, and his mission here on earth. As you read the Book of Mormon you come to feel the reality of the gospel of our purpose on earth. 
I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon, use study guides to help you. If you are already doing so then find someone to read with a family member, a friend, anyone. You will feel the Holy Ghost and they also will do so. 
I love you all and have you in my thoughts. 

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