Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I can feel their love.

President Killpack and Sister Killpack are wonderful. I love them. They care so much about us. And I can feel their love.
I can feel it as they speak to us. It is as though love pours out of their eyes. I feel So close to Heavenly Father. Yesterday was beautiful. I love the Sabbath and fasting tops it off. It is the cherry on top.

We are staying another transfer together. We knew it was coming. I love this area, my companion and feel this transfer will be so great.

At the beginning of my mission I felt it got hard. It does get hard there is no denying that. The mission does have its ups and downs. You see great joy but you do also come to feel sorrow. What Sister M. and I were thinking about the other day was that we truly are set apart. 
Set apart from the evil, we have been set apart as His servants. We are protected by Him because we are set apart to proclaim his word and to do what we do. We want the Salvation of all of Heavenly Father's children and it pains to see how some do come to know that this is the Truth and set it aside and choose to do what they know they should not do.