Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Penny and a Dime

We had a zone conference. Elder Clark of the seventy came. We spoke of how we have to use technology righteously. Some highlights were as follows:
-We have to have the Lord's will embedded in our hearts
-Our hearts have to be in the right place
-Technology is something God has given us, we must use it with that in mind

So this past two Sundays we have had to give talks at different wards. The Payson Temple dedication is getting closer and closer. It is beautiful. Many are preparing. It is such an exciting time. There have been people that have seen it from the Highway and say that they felt something that pulled them to it. At a temple open house everyone is welcomed to walk through the temple. 

 In a world where religion is diminishing and darkness temples are a beacon and are a light. 

When the tide comes and the storms are strong, you stand still and know that He is. 
Do not doubt, do not fear for with that fear you will be carried away is the depths of the sea.
God, He lives and knows you too.
He knows your pains and sorrows.
Trust in Him, to Him confess, all that brings to your soul burden.
We do fail, we do fall, we fall short and are weak.
Depend on Him, ask Him for strength, for He shall give an Hundred's fold.

I know I can, because He know I can.
He sees in me what I can't see.
I know that I can come to Him
I know I can be whole and clean through Christ in me has made a change
Christ redeemed and ransomed me
For He loves me and you and they.
Trust in Him, believe in Him
And you and all can live again, with that Great God, our father 
and Christ our brother and savior.

Daily Message
  • "Children of the covenant have the right to receive His doctrine and to know the plan of salvation. They claim it by making covenants of sacred significance."
    —Russell M. Nelson, "Covenants"