Monday, February 23, 2015

Church building on every block!!

So the average amount of lessons here per day are about 5-7 but we did have a few that have cancelled last minute. As soon as I got here I was in shock. I looked around and all I saw was bare land, mountains at a distance and no trees :( well a tree here and there, but it does not compare to back home. I am getting used to the mountains here though. They are gorgeous. I have fallen in love with everyone already. The kids are so sweet.
So yes... there is a church building like in every neighborhood/block here. Pretty crazy. Yesterday (Sunday) as we were driving to dinner we were driving past many who had just left church and were walking home. It is a sight to see.

Crazy how time flies.
So time is just speeding up there are never enough hours in the day. Everytime I have to clip my nails I am like what in the world they grew so fast! But it is just time. Crazy to think that my nails growing are what is keeping me of how fast it is all going by.
So my first week here in the area I forgot to inform you all that I slammed the car door on my finger :) It was a wonderful sight. My finger is better now.
We went to teach the elderly sisters in the ward this past  week. Gosh are they cute! I am learning a lot from them. They have so many neat stories and experiences they share. So we had to give talks at a ward on Sunday on the Plan of Salvation. It was a bit intimidating because each one of our talks was about 20 minutes long. But it was great because I was not nervous :) All went well.
It snowed a little this Saturday. But that is all the snow we have seen since I've been here. I am out of time. 
Hope all is well back in NC.

Sis. Wendy Mena