Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Studying the Savior's Life

This week has been great. I am learning so much. I am learning how to better teach people, souls, sons and daughters of God. not lessons. I am learning how to plan effectively, how to organize an area, how to better work with leaders. How to be positive and be a better disciple of the Lord. Sister O. is a wonderful companion, as have been my other companions. I am trying to soak up everything.
As I was studying this morning I was reading from the manual in LDS gospel library called "Teaching in the Savior's Way". It goes along with our Mission Vision Statement and it changed my studies!  But as I read in Alma 20 the Lord seemed so much closer to me as He spoke to Ammon.

I understand I must strive to become more like him and by so doing, I will have more love and a sincere desire to help others come to Him. Studying the Savior's life and of His atonement is essential to better understand our roles. I cannot believe I've come to understand this until now. I will try to implement this in my daily studies from now on.