Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We are putting forth effort!

I hope you are well and that you may know we are putting forth effort here.
This week was a good week, it felt a bit slow but we were able to come to meet few new people. 
We fasted this week for a few individuals we are teaching and we can feel the hand of the Lord. We also decided to do a prayer of faith. Sister L. described a family and we were very specific in the prayer. As we went to the home of some members a question came to our mind to ask them if they knew the family we prayed for. A family came to their mind. The family was a bit reluctant of just going over and were planning a game plan that would take a few months to come to see the fruits, but we reminded them that as we go forth and trust the Lord that he provides. We said a prayer with the family and we will be meeting with them this week.

We have been able to obtain more potential investigators through the ward maps. 
The Senior couples are wonderful because they have shared them with us. Our investigators are making progress! And if they are not interested we are moving forward to search. Following up on the invitations we have left with the families we have visited during dinners or just stop bys are helping us gain trust and names.

God lives! He knows us and will be with us at all times. 

Daily Message:
"I want you to know that in my life when I have had disappointments and delays, I have lived to see that if I continue to knock with unshakable faith and persist in my patience—waiting upon the Lord and his calendar—I have discovered that the Lord’s “no’s” are merely preludes to an even greater “yes.”"
Hermana Mena