Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Lord is aware of us always.

This week's been a good one.
Something I am working on is simplicity. I have gotten rid of quite a few things that I do not need. I have to send home a few things. like books and what not.
My companion Hermana B____ is "originally from Heaven, but is from the state of TX." She was actually MTC companion's with my past companion Sister Mc______. and She was companion (Sister B______) with my MTC companion Hermana B2______! Crazy, crazy. 
She's pretty great. This week we have learned a lot of the importance of time management and the importance of having unity in all things. She has been out for 14 months. It's kind of daunting to think of. So we don't think about it.

This week we were heading over to an appointment and as we were driving I saw a man sitting on the side walk. In a split of a second I received an impression. Turn around. We were still going and then I asked my companion to pull over. We turned around, said a prayer and walked to where he was. We spoke to him for a little while and we asked him if there had been any questions or concerns on his mind lately and he then said, "When will there be relief???" at that moment I felt an overwhelming feeling of the love that H.F. has for him. We testified that God is there and hears him and that he will not leave him. He also said he was wanting to read the Bible but that he didn't have one. So just as his ride pulled up we quickly ran to the car to get him a Bible and a Book of Mormon :) He was happy and very appreciative.

Heavenly Father directed us to him. He used us to answer his prayer.
The Lord is aware of us always. He never forsakes us.

Other awesome things that happened this week:
-We got to hear the Apostle: M. Russell Ballard. We got to give him air handshakes. He told us to write that in our journals hahaha. He is hilarious 
-Interviews with President Killpack
-WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE as a mission :)

The temple is the house of God. I felt His love and felt such comfort in my heart. 

Daily Message:
"I testify that life is a gift. God has a plan for each one of us, and our individual purpose began long before we came to this earth."
—Rosemary M. Wixom, "Discovering the Divinity Within"
Hermana Mena